Enchanting Resin Geode Coasters: A Beginner-Friendly Guide

Enchanting Resin Geode Coasters: A Beginner-Friendly Guide


Hey there, resin enthusiasts! Are you ready to unleash your inner artist and create stunning home decor pieces? Look no further than enchanting resin geode coasters! These beauties are not only functional but also add a touch of natural elegance to any space.

This blog is your one-stop guide to crafting breathtaking resin geode coasters, even if you're a complete beginner. So, grab your supplies, unleash your creativity, and let's get started!

Section 1: Gather Your Materials:

  • Fenkraft Resin: Opt for a crystal-clear resin like Fenkraft's Resin Nova for optimal clarity and a beautiful geode effect.
  • Alcohol Inks: Choose a vibrant color palette to mimic the natural hues found in geodes.
  • Silicone Molds: Select coaster-shaped molds with a smooth, glossy finish.
  • Disposable Cups and Mixing Sticks: Ensure these are made of a material compatible with resin.
  • Gloves and Respirator: Safety first! Always wear proper PPE when working with resin.
  • Optional: Crushed colored glass, glitter, or mica powder for added sparkle.

Section 2: Prepare Your Molds:

  • Apply a thin layer of mold release spray to the interior of your molds. This helps prevent the resin from sticking and ensures easy removal after curing.
  • While the mold release dries, prepare your workspace with newspaper or a disposable tablecloth to protect your surface.

Section 3: It's Time to Mix!

  • Follow the instructions provided with your specific Fenkraft Resin. Mix the resin and hardener in the correct ratio using slow, steady strokes to minimize air bubbles.
  • Once mixed, divide the resin into separate containers, depending on the number of colors you'll be using.

Section 4: Unleash Your Inner Artist!

  • Now comes the fun part! Drip and swirl your chosen alcohol inks into the separate resin containers. Experiment with different color combinations and techniques to create unique patterns that resemble the natural formations of geodes.
  • You can also add a touch of crushed colored glass, glitter, or mica powder for an extra layer of visual interest.

Section 5: Pouring and Curing:

  • Slowly pour the colored resin mixtures into your prepared molds, allowing each color to flow organically and create interesting patterns.
  • Once the molds are filled, use a toothpick or lighter (with caution!) to gently pop any air bubbles that may have formed on the surface.
  • Cover your molds loosely with plastic wrap to prevent dust and debris from settling while the resin cures completely. Refer to the curing time specified on your Fenkraft Resin product.

Section 6: Demolding and Finishing Touches:

  • Once the curing time is complete, gently remove your coasters from the molds.
  • If needed, you can sand the edges of your coasters with fine-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.
  • Polish the coasters with a soft cloth to enhance their shine and reveal their breathtaking geode-like beauty.

Section 7: Showcase Your Masterpieces!

Now, proudly display your handcrafted resin geode coasters and admire the stunning artwork you've created. They make the perfect addition to your own home decor or a thoughtful and unique gift for your loved ones.

Bonus Tip: Experiment with different color combinations and techniques to create various geode effects and personalize your coasters according to your style. With a little practice, you'll be crafting breathtaking masterpieces in no time!

Blog 2: The Art of Resin Painting: Techniques for Breathtaking Fluid Art


Greetings, creative souls! Embrace the mesmerizing world of resin painting and discover a new way to express your artistic vision. This unique technique allows you to create stunning fluid art pieces that are not only visually captivating but also surprisingly fun to create.

In this blog, we'll delve into the world of resin painting, exploring various techniques and sharing tips to help you embark on your fluid art journey.

Section 1: Gather Your Supplies:

  • Fenkraft Resin: Choose a resin specifically formulated for artistic applications, like Fenkraft's Resin Art Epoxy. It provides excellent flow and self-leveling properties, ideal for fluid art creations.
  • Fluid Acrylic Paints: Opt for high-quality, high-flow acrylic paints that blend well and create vibrant color effects.
  • Canvas or Panel: Choose a sturdy surface suitable for resin applications, such as a pre-gessoed canvas or a wood panel.
  • Silicone Mixing Cups and Stirring Sticks: Ensure these are disposable or dedicated solely for resin use.
  • Gloves and Respirator: Safety is paramount! Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when working with resin.
  • Optional: Heat Gun, Silicone Oil, Canvas Spreader, and various tools for creating different pouring
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