Floral Magic: Create Timeless Jewelry with Resin and Dried Flowers

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Hello my beautiful crafters! Have you ever dreamed of capturing the delicate beauty of nature within a lasting piece of jewelry? Well, today I'm sharing all the tips and tricks you need to create enchanting resin and dried flower accessories that will add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Section 1: Gather Your Enchanted Ingredients

Before embarking on this magical endeavor, let's gather our crafting supplies. First, you'll need high-quality resin specifically formulated for jewelry projects - I recommend Fenkraft's Resin Lust for its Medium curing time and beautiful clarity. Next, choose your favorite dried flowers and leaves. Opt for small, delicate blooms for the most impactful results. Finally, pick out the perfect jewelry molds and bezels to house your creations.

Bonus tip: You can dry your own flowers using a press or simply by sandwiching them between the pages of a heavy book. Just make sure they're completely dry before embedding them in resin!

Section 2: Prepare Your Florals with Care

Image of hands gently handling small dried flowers

Once your flowers are perfectly preserved, it's time to give them a little extra love. To prevent any pesky bubbles from forming around your delicate blooms, coat them with a thin layer of resin and let it cure completely. This simple step will make all the difference in ensuring a crystal-clear finish.

Take your time as you arrange your coated flowers within your jewelry molds or bezels. Play around with different compositions and color combinations until you achieve the perfect aesthetic.

Section 3: It's Resin Time!

Image of someone carefully mixing resin


Now, the moment we've all been waiting for - mixing the resin! Follow the product instructions carefully to ensure the perfect ratio of resin to hardener. Mix slowly and thoroughly, avoiding too much air from entering the mixture, as that can lead to bubbles.

Once your resin is ready, carefully pour it over your flower arrangements. Use a toothpick or small stick to gently guide any misplaced petals or to pop those pesky bubbles that might sneak in.

Section 4: Patience is a Crafting Virtue

Image of resin molds curing


I know, the anticipation is real! But trust me, the best results come to those who wait. Allow your resin pieces to cure completely according to the manufacturer's instructions. Resist the urge to poke or prod them, as interfering with the curing process can lead to imperfections.

Pro Tip: Cover your molds while they cure to protect them from dust and debris. This helps ensure a flawless, glossy finish on your finished jewelry.

Section 5: Unmolding the Artistry

It's like Christmas morning! Time to unmold your stunning creations and admire their beauty. Gently pop the resin pieces out of their molds, and prepare to be amazed at the little treasures you've created.

If your piece needs a little extra shine, you can lightly sand and polish it to enhance its brilliance. Remember, a little bit of buffing goes a long way.

Section 6: Add those Finishing Touches

Image of several resin pendants and various jewelry findings


Your resin and flower masterpieces are almost ready to make their debut! Now, it's time to add those finishing touches that will transform them into wearable art. Attach bails to turn your resin pendants into necklaces, or fasten earring hooks to create a stylish pair of statement earrings.

Feel free to get creative! Experiment with different chains, beads, and accents to further personalize your resin jewelry.

Section 7: Embrace the Power of Color

Image of resin pieces in a variety of colors


While the natural beauty of dried flowers is captivating, don't be afraid to experiment with a pop of color! Fenkraft offers a wide range of vibrant resin tints that can add a touch of playfulness or sophistication to your creations.