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Fenkraft Resin COMBO of 3- Resin Lust | Resin Nova | Resin Infinite

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Vendor: Fenkraft Resin Art

Fenkraft is a renowned brand that specializes in producing high-quality resin combo sets. Each resin combo set contains three different types of resins, each weighing 1.2 kg. Here is a description of the three different resin combo sets offered by Fenkraft:

  1. Fenkraft Resin Nova Set - Artistic Collection: This combo set is designed specifically for artistic applications, such as resin art, painting, and mixed media projects, Geode and Beach Projetcs. It includes three different types of resins, each with unique properties to enhance your artistic creations. The set may consist of a clear epoxy resin for a glossy finish, a UV-resistant resin for added protection against sunlight, and a color-tinted resin for creating vibrant and captivating artwork.

  2. Fenkraft Resin Lust Set - Jewelry Making Collection: Crafted with jewelry makers in mind, this combo set provides a selection of resins ideal for creating beautiful and durable jewelry pieces. It may include a crystal-clear casting resin for encapsulating delicate objects, a doming resin for creating a glossy and rounded effect on jewelry components, and a high-gloss finishing resin for adding a professional touch to your designs. With this set, you can explore various jewelry-making techniques, Top Coats and Coasters and achieve stunning results.

  3. Fenkraft Resin Infinite Set - Woodworking Collection: Specifically tailored for woodworking enthusiasts, this combo set offers resins that are well-suited for woodworking projects. It may include a deep-pour epoxy resin, allowing you to create river tables and fill large voids in wood with ease. Additionally, the set might contain a self-leveling epoxy resin for coating and protecting wooden surfaces, as well as a high-strength adhesive resin for bonding wood pieces securely.

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