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Vendor: Fenkraft Resin Art

Fenkraft Premium Epoxy Resin Infinite - 3:1 Ratio | Table Top Casting, Varmala Preservation | Non-Toxic Resin & Hardener For Art Craft | Low Viscosity & Crystal Clear Smooth Finish Kit For Beginners |

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Size: 32 kg - ( 24 kg resin + 8 kg Hardener) 817/kg
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Contents: Resin 900g + Hardener 300g

Mix ratio: 3:1 by weight . Eg 900g Resin and 300g Hardener


  • 100 % Moisture Free Guranteed
  • 100 % Shrinkage Free
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC, Zero Solvents, Zero Fumes
  • Low Viscocity
  • Pot life of 90 minutes
  • Cure to the touch in 18 hours (@25 Deg C)
  • Perfect for Table Tops
  • Crystal Clear 
  • Non- yellowing

Fenkraft Resin Infinite is a specially formulated resin system for Deep Casting in a single pour making it ideal for resin river tables and other bulk casting projects.

Fenkraft Resin Infinite is a Crystal Clear Epoxy Casting system which offers a long working time combined with very low exothermic cure when used in a Single Pour thickness upto 20mm, making it ideal for error free casting, bubble removal and product placement within the resin.

Mix ratio - Part A : Part B is 300:100 by weight and performs best at temperatures in the range of 18-28 deg C.

Pot Life: 5 to 6 hours @ 25 deg C (1kg mix)

MAXIMUM Single pour : 20mm

Demoulding time: 3 days @ 25 deg C

Full cure for sanding: 10 days @ 25 deg C

Technical Details:

Detail Time Temperature
 Pot Life 90-120 minutes

@ 25 deg C

Full internal cure

4 Days

@ 20 deg C

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Uma Sharma
Best Resin I have ever used

I must say I have used good brand resin but in winters I was having my toughest time working with it , but weather has no effect on fenkraft resin, the claim of no bubles is absolutely right it and the glodd I got was incredible.
I must say I'm made great decision by choosing this resin
Good luck

Jalshree Pancholi
Review on 3:1 infinite resin

I have used this infinite resin before as well and I just loved it and that's the reason why I have ordered again✨️
The best resin so far I have used is infinite 3:1 resin by fenkraft.

Ekta Tiwari
Best Resin till now

Best Resin till now

Tanushree Vashisht
It Didn't Harden

I even texted on Instagram but was left on seen. All my work went to waste.