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Fenkraft Premium Epoxy Resin Nova - 2:1 | best for Colorful Coatings | Beach, Geode, Abstract, Marble Effect |Suitable for all surfaces with Long-Lasting Durability

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Size: 450 grams ( 300g resin + 150g Hardener)
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Mix ratio: 2:1 by weight . Eg 100g Resin and 50g Hardener

Articles that can be made by this- Clocks, Geode Artworks, Beach Artworks, MArble Table Tops, Name Plate, Side Tables

Do you want a resin that is Shrinkage free and Moisture free?

Look no further than Fenkraft Resin Nova - high Viscosity! This resin is also moisture free and has a premium gloss and self leveling. Plus, it won't yellow over time.

Features & Benefits:  

Shrinkage Free: This feature prevents the resin from shrinking over time, ensuring that your projects maintain their original shape.

- Moisture Free: This feature prevents the resin from becoming damaged or warped due to moisture, ensuring that your projects last for a long time.

- Premium Gloss: This feature gives the resin a high-quality, glossy finish that will make your projects stand out.

- Self Leveling: This feature ensures that the resin will spread evenly and smoothly, making it easy to work with.

How it works: To use Fenkraft Resin Nova - High Viscosity, simply mix it with your chosen hardener and then apply it to your project. Once it is dry, it will be shrinkage free and have a high-quality, glossy finish.

Our customers are saying: "This resin is amazing! It's so easy to use and it gives my projects a beautiful, glossy finish."

"I love that this resin is shrinkage free. It makes it so much easier to create long-lasting projects."

"This is the best resin I've ever used! It's so easy to work with and it always looks great."


NOTE : Not suitable for Casting and Petri dish artwork. Recommended only for applications below 4mm thickness.

Technical Details:

Detail Time Temperature
 Pot Life

15-20 mins

@ 25 deg C

Overcoat time

4-5 hours

25 deg C

Touch dry

7-8 hours

25 deg C

Cure to handle

5 hours

25 deg C

Full internal cure

14 hours

25 deg C

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rajesh Ramya
Wow resin

Quick dry and glassy look resin ❤️

Aman Kapoor

I really love this resin.... This resin is very good and dries very quickly. It has a lot of shine and a clear coat. Thank u so much fenkraft ☺️

Mayuri Save

Fenkraft Resin Nova - 2:1 Ratio - High Viscosity

Ekta Tiwari
Happy to work with Fenkraft Resin

Crystal clear Resin easy to work with

Rekha khanchandani

Loved it too much