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Vendor: Fenkraft Resin Art

Fenkraft Resin Nova MINI / TRIAL kit 2:1 Ratio - 450 grams

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Mix ratio: 2:1 by weight . Eg 100g Resin and 50g Hardener


  • 100 % Moisture Free Guranteed
  • 100 % Shrinkage Free
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC, Zero Solvents, Zero Fumes
  • Honey like consistency
  • Pot life of 55-60 minutes
  • Cure to the touch in 5hours (@25 Deg C)
  • Perfect control over resin art patterns
  • Maintain perfect lines for Geode Art
  • Excellent retention of patterns 
  • Easy to create cells for Beach Resin Art
  • Recommended for pigmented coatings
  • Ready to re-coat or hang in 6 hours 
  • Always re-coat with FENKRAFT RESIN LUST for a high gloss, heat resistant finish.

NOTE : Not suitable for Casting and Petri dish artwork. Recommended only for applications below 4mm thickness.

Technical Details:
Detail Time Temperature
 Pot Life

55-60 mins

@ 25 deg C

Overcoat time

4-5 hours

25 deg C

Touch dry

7-8 hours

25 deg C

Cure to handle

5 hours

25 deg C

Full internal cure

14 hours

25 deg C