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Fenkraft Silica Gel

Fenkraft Silica Gel

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Humidry Flower Drying Absorber Silica Gel is designed for DIY projects involving dry flowers, art and craft, potpourri, home décor, and resin art. It features reusable color-indicating silica gel crystals, making it suitable for various creative endeavors.

Fenkraft Humidry Flower Drying Silica Gel effectively preserves the color of flowers by absorbing moisture without causing damage, maintaining their natural vibrancy and form.

This reusable product can be regenerated by simply drying it in an oven or microwave, offering a cost-effective solution. It's user-friendly, requiring no special equipment—just place the flowers in an airtight container with the silica gel and wait a few days.

Utilize preserved flowers to create sentimental gifts or keepsakes, keeping cherished memories alive. To use, place your items and Fenkraft silica gel packets in an airtight pouch or container for optimal results.

Ideal for various applications such as shoe cabinets, camera lenses, bags, wardrobes, and more, it effectively absorbs moisture in enclosed spaces without reacting with other substances.

Fenkraft Humidry Flower Drying Silica Gel provides tear-proof, dust-free packets for maximum protection against humidity, ensuring superior absorption while remaining dry at maximum saturation.

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