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Fenkraft MarblePro Deep Penetrating Epoxy - Enhance & Fortify

Fenkraft MarblePro Deep Penetrating Epoxy - Enhance & Fortify

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MarblePro Deep Penetrating Epoxy - Enhance & Fortify

Revolutionize your stone care with MarblePro Deep Penetrating Epoxy. This specially formulated epoxy is designed to deeply penetrate and reinforce marble and other natural stones, increasing their strength by an impressive 40%. Ideal for both restoration and new projects, MarblePro not only strengthens weakened joints but also serves as a robust alternative to traditional rodding techniques for countertops.

Key Features:

  • Mix Ratio: Optimal 2:1 by volume, ensuring a strong, durable bond.
  • Set Time: Achieves a firm set within 6-8 hours at 75°F, allowing for timely project completion.
  • Enhanced Stone Strength: Boosts the structural integrity of stone by 40%, making it ideal for high-stress areas.
  • Long Pot Life: Extended working time ensures the epoxy can penetrate deeply into the stone before curing, maximizing effectiveness.
  • Versatility: Can be tinted with Fenkraft Liquid Tints for color matching and aesthetic enhancements.
  • Applications: Suitable for interior, exterior, vertical, and horizontal applications. Use it to strengthen weakened joints, in conjunction with scrim/mesh for reinforcing stone slabs, and as a reliable alternative to rodding countertops.
  • Available Sizes: Conveniently offered in both Quart and Gallon sizes to suit project scales from small repairs to large installations.

MarblePro Deep Penetrating Epoxy is your go-to solution for enhancing the durability and longevity of marble and stone surfaces. Whether you’re fortifying weakened joints or seeking an alternative to rodding for your countertops, this epoxy ensures your stone installations are both beautiful and robust.

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