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Fenkraft Premium Epoxy Resin Infinite - 8kg - 3:1 Ratio

Fenkraft Premium Epoxy Resin Infinite - 8kg - 3:1 Ratio

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Fenkraft Premium Resin Infinite: The Ultimate Epoxy Resin System

Introducing the Fenkraft Premium Resin Infinite – your go-to solution for crystal clear, deep pour epoxy resin needs. Ideal for both novice and professional crafters, this top-quality epoxy resin is perfect for creating stunning tabletops, preserving floral arrangements, and much more. With its unique low-viscosity formula and advanced curing properties, Fenkraft Resin ensures a flawless finish for all your casting projects.

Product Details:

  • Package Contents: 6kg Resin + 2kg Hardener
  • Mix Ratio: 3:1 by weight (e.g., 900g Resin to 300g Hardener)

Key Features:

  • Crystal Clear & Non-Yellowing: Ensures pristine clarity for all your projects.
  • 100% Moisture Free & Shrinkage Free: Guarantees the integrity of your work.
  • Low Odor & Low VOC: Provides a safer and more comfortable working environment.
  • Low Viscosity: Easy to work with, enabling better bubble release and seamless casting.
  • Pot Life: 90 minutes at 22°C, giving you ample working time.
  • Cure Time: Touch-dry in 18 hours at 25°C; fully cures for sanding in 10 days.

Advanced Formulation:

  • Deep Casting: Designed for deep casting in a single pour up to 20mm, ideal for projects like resin river tables.
  • Long Working Time: Offers 5 to 6 hours of work time at 22°C, minimizing the risk of errors during placement and curing.
  • Maximum Pour: Can handle up to 20mm thickness in one go without overheating.

Usage Tips:

  • Optimal Performance Temperature: 18-22°C for best results.
  • Demoulding Time: Ready to demould in 3 days at 25°C.


  • Shelf Life: 11 months from packaging.

Whether you're preserving memories in varmala or crafting bespoke furniture with epoxy tables, Fenkraft Premium Resin Infinite delivers unparalleled clarity and performance for your most demanding projects. Start creating with confidence today!

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