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Vendor: Fenkraft Resin Art

Fenkraft Premium Epoxy Resin Trench - 2:1 Ratio | Deep Casting , 2.5 inch single pour , Table Tops, Varmala Casting, Non-Toxic Resin & Hardener For Art Craft | Low Viscosity & Crystal Clear Smooth Finish Kit For Professionals

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Size: 1.2 Kg ( 800 g resin + 400 g Hardener)
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Fenkraft Resin Trench is expertly tailored for Deep casting, allowing for a single pour up to a depth of 3 inches. It's the dream choice for artworks like resin river tables and hefty casting tasks. 

Showcasing a pristine epoxy casting blend, Fenkraft Resin Trench grants users ample time to work and guarantees minimal heat release even during a pour of upto 70mm. This ensures that your castings are spot-on, bubble-free, and you can seamlessly position elements within the resin. 

Mixing Instructions:

Part A to Part B ratio: 100:50 by weight.
For top-notch results, ensure your working environment falls between 18-24°C.
Pot Life: Roughly 5-6 hours at a consistent 22°C (based on a 1kg mix).

Maximum Pour Depth: Go as deep as 2.5-3 inches or 70mm in a single shot!

Time to Free from Mold: Give it a good 3 days at 25°C.

Perfect Sanding: Wait a full 6 days at 25°C.

Customer Reviews

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Shilpa Budhdeo

Was very pleased using Fenkraft trench resin

Kabita Banik

Fenkraft Resin Trench - 2:1 Ratio

Praveena Kumari
Completely dissatisfied

My cast was super spoilt