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Fenkraft Resin Art

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Gold Flakes for Resin -

Gold Flakes for Resin -

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  • Our foil flakes have pure bright colors and are not easy to fade and oxidize, especially in resin.
  • This set contains 3 bottles, color imitation gold flakes + imitation silver flakes + imitation copper flakes.
  • This set includes 3 bottles of flakes, each color has 0.18 oz metal foil flakes , 0.54 oz flakes in total. And the whole set weighs 66 gram, 2.3 oz.
  • This foil flakes can be used for gilding, paintings, crafts, home decoration, nail art, furniture design, and resin art.
  • Non-edible Metallic Foil Flakes, can not be used to decorate cake, ice-cream, food.
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