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Vendor: fenkraft art resin

Pyramid Cone Stands- set of 12

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The pyramid stand is a versatile and practical base designed specifically for showcasing resin art pieces. It is crafted using a sturdy and durable material, such as acrylic or plastic, to provide stability and support to the resin cones. The stand features a unique pyramid shape, with three or more sides sloping upwards to form a point at the top.

The pyramid stand is specifically designed to be reusable and user-friendly. Once the resin art piece is fully cured and hardened within the cone, it can be easily removed by gently peeling it off from the cone's surface. The flexible material of the cone allows for effortless release, leaving the resin artwork intact and ready to be displayed or further embellished.

In summary, a pyramid stand used for supporting paintings is a versatile and practical tool that provides stability and adjustability during the painting process. Its triangular shape, adjustable brackets, and additional features contribute to a comfortable and efficient painting experience.